Dog Behaviourist and Dog Trainer
4 Sanca in Lier

Behavioural and alternative therapy, private training, educational advice, dog school and online shop for dogs.

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Dog Behaviourist and Dog Trainer
4 Sanca in Lier

Behavioural and alternative therapy, private training, educational advice, dog school and online shop for dogs.

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Dog Behaviourist and Dog Trainer
4 Sanca in Lier

Behavioural and alternative therapy, private training, educational advice, dog school and online shop for dogs.

Visit our webshop

Dog Behaviourist and Dog Trainer
4 Sanca in Lier

Behavioural and alternative therapy, private training, educational advice, dog school and online shop for dogs.

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Dog Behaviourist and Dog Trainer
4 Sanca in Lier

Behavioural and alternative therapy, private training, educational advice, dog school and online shop for dogs.

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4 Sanca,
Positive Dog Training with a Refreshing Perspective

Do you want to become your four-legged friend's best friend?Understand your dog's behaviour?
Address current behavioural problems or help prevent future ones?
Need help with puppy training?
Are you looking for a unique handmade mind game or a handmade leash that won't tear?

Puppies, senior dogs, active dogs or dogs under stress... they are all welcome at 4 Sanca in Lier. 

As a dog behaviourist and dog trainer, we specialise in behavioural therapy, alternative therapies, private training and puppy advice, all for a happy dog.

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Why Choose 4 Sanca?


  • Qualified: Professionals who undertake frequent refresher courses so that we can always offer quality lessons with scientifically-based theory.

  • Respect for People and Dogs: We always work with rewards and do not use punishment. Physical corrections are absolutely forbidden in our school.

  • Quality: The services of 4 Sanca are recognised by KaHoT, a professional association for qualified animal behaviourists. Certified credentials.

  • Support During and After the Programme: E-books, instructional videos and online follow-up available, free lending of materials, support in private Facebook group, etc.

  • Customised Training: We offer a complete package of training programmes, with a training schedule tailored to the needs of owner and dog with the option of joining group classes.

Parenting Advice - 4 Sanca

Puppy advice

Bringing up a puppy involves a lot: socialisation, potty training, learning to be alone, walking without pulling... That is why I always recommend a consultation first to go over all this. During this consultation, we will discuss your expectations and what you need to take into account when bringing up your puppy to avoid behavioural problems in the future.

Behavioural Therapy - [company_name)

Behavioural Therapy

Whether you want to build good communication and a better relationship with your dog or train your dog to be
well-mannered, behavioural therapy can certainly help.

Private Training - 4 Sanca

Private Training

The best way to achieve success with your dog is to use a training programme. At 4 Sanca, you can get private training through training programmes that are designed to give you the best success with your dog. After an initial meeting, we will discuss which training programme suits you best. Whether it's to tackle problem behaviour, to give your pup a good start, to prepare your sports dog for great success or to have more fun with your dog, at 4 Sanca, you will find the right training programme for you.

Dog School 4 Sanca

Dog School

Looking for a dog school in Lint with qualified instructors? Don't like crowds, but want to build a good relationship and have fun with your dog? Do you want to prevent undesirable behaviour? Then our dog school is for you!

Alternative Therapies - 4 Sanca

Alternative Therapies

Can dogs enjoy a massage just like people? They sure can! In our practice, massages can be used to help with behavioural problems. To support behavioural therapy, we also work with acupressure and Bach Blossoms. The latter, after consultation and analysis, can be completely tailor-made for your dog.

What Sofie has taught my dog and especially me in such a very short time is unbelievable!
I thought I might have had to say goodbye to my four-legged friend because the children and my girlfriend could no longer cope with Nikita's fussiness, power and stubbornness! At times it was too much for me too. But thanks to Sofie, all 5 of us get along better than ever and we no longer fear having to give the dog up for adoption! 
It is important to know, however, that while you're taught valuable tips and tricks, it's up to you to make sure they are applied to be successful!

Mette Struyf

Today we had a private 2-hour session with Sofie and Turbeau, our 5-month-old English Cocker.
Turbeau displayed behaviour that we could not properly understand. I wanted an answer as to why and how to deal with and/or control that behaviour. Turbeau and I were greeted in a pleasant room in which there were several toys for the dog. During the conversation, Sofie asked specific questions and gave me practical tips. Meanwhile, she observed Turbeau in his activities in the room. These tips ranged from which food was better suited for our Cocker to how I could best teach him how to be sent to his mat and stay there. In the meantime, Turbeau had settled into the beautiful blue fabric seat. I wanted to call him back but Sofie reassured me that he could stay there and Turbeau felt like a king! 😉
She hit the nail on the head towards the end of the conversation. I knew what I had to do. This was the first meeting but her expertise and personal touch made me very happy! I look forward to future sessions at 4 Sanca! 

Keep up the good work!

Luc and Turbeau

Don Vitesse was a completely unexpected and quite sudden arrival to our home... literally... 
+/- 1.5 years old and never trained, very sensitive, able to pick up on every little emotion and scared to be left behind again. In search of knowledge and expertise, we came across 4 Sanca. It was the best decision ever! Sofie really understands our dog and succeeds amazingly in passing on her knowledge to us! We were no novices in the world of dog behaviour but each new lesson was invaluable. Sofie also radiates patience and calm but speaks with enthusiasm when she talks. Anyone who decides to take a dog into their home should learn this! Our bond with Don is getting closer every day. Thank you, 4 Sanca, thank you, Sofie! We and Don are fans! Keep up the good work!


4 Sanca is great in every way. Sofie is a super empathic behaviourist and reads your dog like no other. Her dog school is not typical either and uses positive reinforcement. She does not punish but rather rewards desired behaviour, which, of course, is much nicer for both dogs and their owners! 

I have a snuffle ball and a snuffle melon from the online shop to keep my dog busy and they are top quality.
I am very satisfied with the services of 4 Sanca; if you have a dog with behavioural problems, you have to go to Sofie! My rescue dog has a difficult history of trauma, but thanks to the tips we received, Foxy is much calmer and not as easily distressed. I have also recommended her to other people with dogs and they are all pleased too. Sofie knows exactly what she is doing and I am sure that she will be able to help many more dogs.

Lieve Claes

Our adopted Romanian mix arrived in Belgium very scared/insecure, which caused some behavioural problems. Sofie taught us all the wisdom between man and animal and made sure that he is now much braver when walking the streets. We still enjoy going to your dog school to continue the training exercises that help work on his fears! Excellent service ðŸ˜ŠðŸ‘Œ

Julie Hoeben

Super friendly and patient. Highly recommended! Even for people who wouldn’t typically be interested in attending a dog school (like me). 10 out of 10.

Ann De Mol

My 2 Spanish Water Dogs enjoyed everything Sofie taught them during her lessons. I am very happy with the tips she gave me to have fun with my dogs and to strengthen our bond. With just a little more practice, pulling the leash will also be a thing of the past!


Thank you for advising and helping us when our young Golden Retriever Pipa came to live with us! After having enjoyed our previous calm Golden for almost 15 years, we now had to deal with a very energetic and self-assured dog. We were soon at a loss as to how to bring up Pipa but fortunately, you were there to reassure us and to teach us how to deal with her. From week 9, you visited us every week with educational advice and behavioural therapy, which both Pipa and I really looked forward to! Particularly, learning how to determine the type of dog we were getting and how to act accordingly was refreshing and educational!
A big thank you and a paw from Pipa!

Greetings, Renata

Hello, I would like to recommend the services of Sofie/4 Sanca to everyone! We learned a lot during puppy training. Instructive lessons were given at our home by a very pleasant and knowledgeable person. Toulouse and I have made a fantastic start with their help. Thanks a lot!

Nanou Steenackers

From a Dalmatian who had trouble finding peace to a Dalmatian I am starting to understand better and better. The lessons have been very instructive not just for the dog but for me too. Sofie explains everything very clearly with a lot of patience and a big heart for animals. After our private lessons, we can work on our own thanks to the handy tips and tricks she gave us. Thank you, Sofie!

Jitske Van Spaendonk

We, Diesel and his owner, have learned a lot from you, Sofie.
Diesel is a feisty Viszla who used to pull quite heavily on the lead during walks, but this has been reduced to a minimum and he is now much more relaxed. 
Sofie has suggested a number of games and he just loves them; they are really his thing. We really enjoyed them together and our bond became even stronger thanks to Sofie's private lessons. SUPER thanks, Sofie!


After a pleasant introduction, I got the right advice on how my dog thinks and how to deal with it. We look forward to the next training sessions. Thanks, Sofie.


The first holiday with Dior was great thanks to the training beforehand which proved to be very useful throughout 😊


Super professional guidance for your dog! Worthwhile to do with your four-legged friend. Besides the training, Sofie also has a very nice online shop with fun things you can try with your dog.


Looking for a certified dog school, positive behavioural therapy or puppy advice for your puppy?
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