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Why 4 Sanca?

Sofie Ruymaekers' first dog was called Sanca, her soulmate and inspiration for 4 Sanca. In the 4 Sanca logo, you can see her snout and this is how Sanca lives on..

4 Sanca Is Certified

The services of 4 Sanca are recognised by KaHoT, a professional association for qualified animal behaviourists

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Our Team

Sofie Ruymaekers


Sofie Ruymaekers

With a passion for animals, Sofie Ruymaekers wants to help owners better understand their dogs and strengthen their relationship. Gathering and sharing knowledge about this is what she loves doing. 

After her studies in animal care techniques, Sofie specialised in behavioural therapy and dog training at Toscanzahoeve. She also completed numerous courses and workshops. 

To this day, she continues to learn in order to keep up with the latest scientific research and developments on the welfare, behaviour and training of dogs.

Anneleen Sucaet

Dog Trainer

Anneleen Sucaet

Anneleen Sucaet has been working with dogs and their owners in a wide variety of settings for many years. It is her passion to help dogs and support their owners. 

She trained in psychology and she currently works as a psychologist in education.

In addition, she completed a course as a dog instructor at Toscanzahoeve and numerous other courses in behavioural therapy.

Jarno Adams


Jarno Adams

Hello, I am Jarno. 
I have always had a four-legged friend at home for as long as I can remember. From this, my passion for dogs grew. That is why I chose to become a dog instructor. 

Now that my internship at 4 Sanca is over, I am happy to reinforce the team at the dog school. 

After my basic training, I will continue to train in different areas of expertise.

Gerd Stessens

Product Developer

Gerd Stessens

At 4 Sanca, Gerd can let her creativity run free when designing all kinds of things for the online shop. She can always fall back on her technical knowledge and extensive experience. 

4 Sanca regularly brainstorms about keeping the current and developing new products. 

Besides contributing to 4 Sanca, it also gives her personal satisfaction through new creative and technical challenges.

Marc Ruymaekers


MarC Ruymaekers

Marc is a secretary, postman, warehouse worker, technical assistant and a jack-of-all-trades. 

He seeks to complement the team in all kinds of areas, where he can make himself useful and lighten the workload of other members. His technical background and experience as a do-it-yourselfer come in handy when designing and executing all kinds of projects.


To become a good instructor, one needs to gain experience, of course. That is why we at 4 Sanca keep our doors open to give new instructors this opportunity. You will see us regularly with trainees as they follow training about dogs (trainer, behaviourist, coach, ...) and gain experience thanks to our guidance. This ensures that we can count on extra hands and eyes.
All trainees complete their training at a recognised training centre.

Our Partners


Dog’s Annaliese

Annelies Peenen is a nutritionist, body and balance instructor and leadership coach. She has been a big dog lover since childhood and grew up with German Shepherds and Yorkshire Terriers. When she and her boyfriend started living together, they got their first dog. This was Trees, a French Bulldog. He lived to be just under 13 years old. A few years later, when daughter Hanne was 6 years old, German Shepherd Kyra joined them. Because of her, Annelies started practising dog sports and obedience.

Since then, her passion for dogs has been ignited even more.

Along the way, Annelies discovered that not every dog has the same nutritional needs. A puppy, an adult dog, an active dog, a lazy dog, an old dog; they all have different nutritional needs. But what should they eat? This question prompted Annelies to specialise in dog nutrition and make it her job. She is eager to learn and will continue to do so in order to keep up to date with the latest developments. Providing tailor-made nutritional advice for each dog and sharing knowledge is what Annelies does best.

Originally trained as an occupational therapist, Annelies is very interested in healthy activities for the body. That is why she enjoys doing Body and Balance with the dogs. It is nice to work together without pressure and it is healthy for the body as well. This can even be done in therapy form. This is similar to being an occupational therapist.

’t Blafsalon

Hello, my name is Stephanie and 4 years ago I started my own dog grooming salon. Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to work with animals, so when I was older, I started to look for something that would match my interests. My love for dogs was so great that I finally decided to study to become a dog groomer.

I met Sofie about a year ago. I have a Shiba Inu, Laika.
Laika is a very sweet dog to people but she had a hard time with other dogs. Sofie taught us all sorts of tips and tricks to deal with Laika's insecurities. I have seen a huge improvement in my dog and that is also one of the reasons why I would recommend Sofie to anyone. Many trainers work with punishment, while Sofie works with rewarding, which immediately gave me a positive feeling with her!

I always make sure that your dog can get used to the grooming salon at his own pace and certainly will not get anxious in the future. For very anxious dogs, at a first appointment, we can work together with 4 Sanca to give your dog the best experience.

At the first appointment, the best care for your dog's coat type will be discussed. At 't Blafsalon, both large and small four-legged friends are welcome.

’t Blafsalon

’t Blafsalon

  0491 24 19 31

 ’t Blafsalon

Veterinary Practice Aan de Vesten

Dierenartsenpraktijk Aan de Vesten

Veterinary Practice Aan de Vesten

Van Boeckellaan 15
2500 Lier
 03 489 19 29
 Dierenartsenpraktijk aan de vesten

Doggy shop

Nutrition is the basis of good health, which is why I always refer my customers to Doggy Shop. They sell quality natural food for dogs and are always willing to give a clear explanation in order to help their customers.


My name is Tania Tinck (Tinka) and I am a shiatsu therapist for dogs.
I have always wanted to do something with animals, but never knew what. When I finally found the training to be a shiatsu practitioner, I immediately knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life. The training has now been completed and I am fully engaged in my passion: helping dogs (and also their owners) to a better quality of life in a natural and holistic way.

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