Alternative Therapies for Dogs

Massage therapy, acupressure and Bach Flowers

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Massages for Dogs

Dogs can enjoy a good massage just like people. In addition to the relaxing effect, it helps dogs to relieve muscle pain, makes the muscles more flexible, improves circulation, gets rid of toxins and stimulates the production of endorphins that act as natural painkillers and relaxants. 

Massages are also used in our practice for behavioural problems of dogs with fear, aggression, nervousness, etc.

How Long Does a Massage for Dogs Last?

Not every dog immediately appreciates a stranger's touch, which is why the duration of a massage is varied. It makes no sense at all to treat a dog against his will, otherwise, the relaxing hand movements will not have much effect. That is why we like to take the time to treat each dog at his own pace.

On average, a session lasts 30min

We use a combination of the following techniques to create an optimal effect: cynological massage, biomagnetism and cranio-sacral therapy. We also use healing essential oils to make the experience completely relaxing for your dog.

Flower Therapy Tailored to Your Dog

Why Flower Therapy?

Bach Flower Remedies work mainly on emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, etc. They help to bring our emotions back into balance. Animals seem to respond very well to Bach Flowers. It may be advisable to use Bach Flowers when animals are in a stressful environment, such as when moving house or when an animal is anxious. 

There are several situations where Bach Flowers can help. We use them, for instance, to support behavioural therapy, but you can also come to us, independent of any other service, to have a Bach Flower Remedy custom-made for your animal.


It is important that we make the right combination of Bach Flower Remedy for your dog. Therefore, a remedy is only composed after a consultation to get to know the animal and to make the correct assessment. We also have a conversation with the owner: you can tell us how your dog is and where he could use some support because, of course, you know your animal best! After this consultation, we will create a tailor-made Bach Flower Remedy for your dog and give it to you.

Acupressure (TCM Practitioner)

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine is a healing method based on the principle that body and mind are one and works from an energetic thought model.
When an animal is not demonstrably ill, but still does not feel well, an imbalance in the energy between the various organs and meridians can become clear with the help of TCM teachings. Because of this, no matter how vague the complaint may seem, a suitable treatment can then be given. 

Animals are often very receptive to energetic healing. Acupressure helps to balance an animal and prevent illness.

An animal that feels well is more manageable and pleasant to work with. It is also becoming increasingly clear that nutrition is the basis for good health, so this subject will also be discussed during the treatment. The use and administration of supplements and herbs can also be touched upon.

This therapy will soon be available at 4 Sanca. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Kinesiological Tests and Bio-Tensors

Kinesiology is a simplified way of kinesiological testing whereby one can very quickly determine one's constitution or disposition by muscle testing. The bobber is a metal rod that helps the therapist to perceive energetic changes. 

Through these techniques, we try to detect balance and imbalance within the body. We can detect allergies and intolerances, test meridians, energetic centres, food, herbs, etc. These tests are only used during a consultation, training programme, massage or acupressure treatment. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Herbs and Aromatherapy

Thanks to various training and refresher courses, we also use herbs and aromatherapy at 4 Sanca. These therapies are always used as a supporting tool for medical complaints or behavioural problems of the dog. 

During a consultation, training programme, massage or acupressure treatment, we can advise you which herbs or essential oils can support your dog to achieve good results with your treatment and how to use them safely.

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