Why Jarno started to learn more about detection

Why Jarno started to learn more about detection

My fascination with detection started with sniffing. By participating in the dog school within 4sanca, I was often told that sniffing has a very positive effect on dogs. Dogs become calmer because of this, this takes away their stress, … This has triggered me to look further into it. At first I wanted to start with the search, but the chaotic busyness held me back a bit, until Sofie said to me I found a good education for you. I continued with this and it soon turned out that this was my thing.

Why did I delve into detection?

Before that, I'll take you to the basics of detective work, sniffing. Because of my previous training as a dog instructor and the experience I gained at 4Sanca's dog school, I was able to experience first-hand how dogs regulate their own stress level through their nose. My interest in better sniffing work was born. When Sofie said to me I found a good education for you. The 'Scent for Six' training via the School of Canine Science and it turned out that this was soon my thing.

How is sniffing different from detection?
When dogs are under stress, they try to regulate this stress by sniffing. I see my dogs do this when we cross another dog while walking. I describe detection as 'controlled sniffing'. This controlled sniffing has the same calming effect on the dog, but also challenges the dog in exercising self-control. Successfully completing an assignment also gives a healthy boost to your four-legged friend's self-confidence. I loved seeing this confidence grow in my own dog.

Together with my dog Kiara, a senior Schnauzer, I practiced daily throughout the training. Because of her osteoarthritis, not every walk or play session is as obvious as it used to be. However, when Kiara notices that I am preparing a search, she looks at me expectantly and her gaze (and tail) fills with youthful enthusiasm again. After all, tracking is a mind sport, so her osteoarthritis does not hinder her. I think it's fantastic to share these moments with her and I also notice that our bond has been strengthened again since our sniffing adventures. Finally, despite her golden age, I notice a new portion of zest for life in Kiara.

I am currently coaching an owner in detection with her own four-legged friend. “But I have a stupid dog, he will never be able to do this”, she often said. The first days were easy or self-evident for neither owner nor dog. After this they both started to thaw for the idea and after a couple of weeks she enthusiastically sent on several videos a week. This dog is not a spontaneous teddy bear, but by taking on this challenge together, owner and dog have strengthened their bond and the dog also seeks closeness to its owner more often. For example, I received a message that after a search session, this dog came to doze next to his owner on the couch out of pure satisfaction. These are the moments that fuel my passion for detection over and over again.


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