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From unwanted...

Your dog pulls at the leash so hard on walks that your shoulders hurt. Your dog barks incessantly when you leave the house or when you want to sleep at night. You cannot get your dog to move or it barks intensely and pulls at every other dog that passes. Your dog dares to put its sharp teeth into your furniture. Is your dog afraid of anything that moves or is new to it? He does not listen or only listens selectively, especially outside the house... 

does that sound familiar?

… to desired behaviour!

You want to build communication and a relationship with your dog so that you can have fun together and live happily side by side. You want to give your new puppy a good start in life or train your adult dog to be a well-mannered and confident dog.
4 Sanca can help you with our range of training programmes to get and keep the results you are looking for by working together on your goals.

You can also come to us for puppy advice.

What can we achieve together with dog training and behavioural therapy?

  • Your dog walks with you on a loose lead

  • He comes to you when you call him

  • Your dog knows not to jump up at visitors

  • He is well-mannered inside and outside the house

  • He listens to you, even when other dogs are around

Common Behavioural Problems in Dogs

Dog Behaviour Therapy: Puppy Problems

Puppy Problems

A new puppy in the house! Cute! But does he also drive you crazy? Cleanliness, separation anxiety, chewing and destroying, crying... the list of undesirable behaviour is endless, but you simply cannot find an effective solution. 

What if raising your puppy became easier and more enjoyable with structured training programmes that you can follow at home and immediately with your dog? This is where
4 Sanca comes in.

Dog Behaviour Therapy: Pulling and Barking on Walks

Pulling and Barking on Walks

Can't take a walk without your dog pulling or barking and having to call out when another dog approaches? Frustrating! 

Would you rather enjoy a relaxed walk with your dog on a loose leash, no matter what crosses your dog's path? It is possible!

Dog Behaviour Therapy: Anxiety


We see it more and more often; dogs that suffer from anxiety. Rescue dogs and breeder puppies are the most common sufferers. 

Not wanting to be touched, crawling away when visited, growling and barking at strangers, always wanting to go for a walk... Together, we will help your dog to overcome his fears and become self-assured.

Our Approach In Behavioural Therapy for Dogs

  • Professional: We always take a structured, animal-friendly approach.

  • Personalised: All training is adapted to the capabilities and needs of you and your dog. We solve behavioural problems or help you where necessary.

  • Qualified: Certified dog behaviourist and dog trainer recognised by the professional association KaHot.

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How Does a Behaviour Therapy Work?

To help people and dogs, we offer some nice training programs that are tailored to the needs and requirements of the dog and owner.

After a first acquaintance, we will find out what your problems and experiences are and what your desires are for the future. Based on this, we will make you an offer for a program that suits you best. Our goal is to strengthen your relationship, improve your communication, train and raise a polite house dog, solve and prevent problem behavior. We always work in a holistic way, which means that we take into account your circumstances, the needs of the specific breed, of the individual dog, the physical and mental health of your dog.
A first acquaintance can be made by telephone or via zoom meeting.

Thanks to our experience with behavioural problems in dogs, we can help you. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more or make an appointment for dog behaviour therapy.

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