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Lessons are given by a qualified behaviourist and dog trainer

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Dog school with small groups for a polite house dog without undesirable behaviour

You don't like crowds?
Do you want an especially good bond and to fun with your dog?
Do you want to learn how to prevent unwanted behaviour in your dog? Do you want qualified instructors?

Looking for a dog school in or around Lint that does not focus on competitions, but on improving communication and the relationship with your dog? Then 4 Sanca is the dog school you are looking for. 

Our dog school is intended to inform people about training, education and guiding your dog. This way we can prevent behavioural problems and you can build a strong relationship with your four-legged friend. 

Our goal: to make your dog a polite house dog. We always work with rewards; physical corrections are not allowed in our dog school. We do not take part in any competitions. When the weather is bad, it is possible to have the group lessons in our indoor facility.

What Topics Are Covered In Our Dog School?

  • Walking without pulling

  • Walking on a loose leash

  • Body language

  • Drift control

  • Tracking

  • Body and balance

  • Terrain training

  • Caring for animals

  • Veterinary training

  • ...

How the Dog School Works

As a new member, you first start in our socialisation class or in our entry class. These classes consist of 4 lessons (1 month) in a small group of maximum 4 members. Through these classes, you will learn how we work in our dog school and we will get to know you better. After these lessons, you can transfer to one of our other groups. Which group will be discussed according to your needs and level. 

The socialisation class (for puppies between 9 and 16 weeks old) focuses specifically on puppies in their socialisation period. This is, therefore, the most important lesson of this group. This group is always given indoors. 

The entry and socialisation lessons continue on Sundays, the follow-up lessons, obedience and fun continue on Saturdays.



Our Trainers

The group lessons are given by a team of professional dog trainers: Sofie Ruymaekers, Anneleen Sucaet and Jarno Adams. All our instructors are certified dog trainers and/or behavioural therapists, they all follow refresher courses on a regular basis in order to keep up to date with the new developments and insights through scientific research in the field of dogs and teaching techniques.

Our dog school is also approved by KaHot and carries the quality label.

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Because we work with small groups, enrolment is limited and registration in advance is necessary. Because of the large demand, we work with a waiting list; every month a new group starts so it is important to register in good time.

Want to build a strong relationship and a good partnership with your dog? Then be sure to register for group lessons in our dog school in Lier.