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From a new puppy to a polite house dog

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Private Dog Training

Our private courses are given by means of complete training programmes. We teach you to understand your dog better and to communicate well to improve the bond with your dog. By working with a complete and structured training programme, we solve problem behaviour and you learn to avoid problems in the future. So we do not use a quick-fix to treat symptoms, but rather a learning process that achieves and maintains results in the long term. This is the most effective way to train and educate a dog to be a polite house dog.

Different Training Programmes


We have developed different training programmes so that there is something for everyone. After an initial meeting, we will discuss with you which programme is most advisable for you to obtain good results. Below is a brief overview of what we offer.

Puppy Course - 4 Sanca

From puppy to polite dog

With our puppy course, you will create a confident, well-mannered dog. Set your puppy up for success from day one and make puppyhood fun and easy! 

Common puppy problems are solved and prevented, such as potty training, whining and crying, biting, and we make sure that socialisation is done in the right way to create a confident and well-mannered dog that loves to listen to you!

A Polite House Dog - 4 Sanca

A Polite House Dog

Does your dog jump, pull or bark at other dogs during walks? Is your furniture not safe from your dog? Is your dog insecure or fearful? Does your dog have a behavioural problem that you just have to stop? 

We can help you solve your dog's unwanted behaviour and make sure that no new ones occur in the future. A safe and reliable dog is a pleasure to live with, and if you are not experiencing that yet, we will be happy to help.

walk & train - Dog School 4 Sanca

Walk & train

Sometimes the training of your dog is difficult; maybe you have a medical problem or lack of time. We have a solution for this as well. As an extra to your training programme, we will come and walk your dog and continue the training. 

This is a nice addition that yields good results, especially with problems such as pulling during walks and reactivity towards strange dogs.

Fun With Your Dog - 4 Sanca

Fun With Your Dog

Are you and your dog looking for a bigger challenge? Does your dog know his commands or would you like to have fun and learn what you enjoy doing most? 

Then this programme is for you. You will have a variation of the following topics: puzzle and sniff work, body and balance, tricks, tracking, detection and obedience.

Whether you have a new puppy, an adolescent in the house, are experiencing a serious behavioural problem in your dog or are just looking for some maintenance training, 4 Sanca has the solution that best suits you and your dog.
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