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Education Advice for Puppies

Are you looking for a puppy, expecting one or has your new housemate just arrived? Then you probably already have a hundred and one questions. Don't worry, that's quite normal! After all, you get the responsibility of raising a living creature with your own hands. 

How you raise your puppy will determine the rest of his life and, therefore, a large part of yours. Are you ready?

Your pup still has so much to learn!

  • Learning to stay alone

  • Socialisation

  • Cleanliness training

  • Dealing with people

  • Learning to walk on a lead

  • Dealing with other animals

  • The difference between a toy and furniture

  • Etc.

A little help is not a luxury. At 4 Sanca, you can easily get advice on parenting. We will visit you at home for the first time, and together we will look at what your expectations are and how we can ensure that parenting goes smoothly.

What’s Involved In Raising a Puppy?


What accessories do you need? How does the first introduction go? Is the house puppy-proof? What is healthy food for a puppy? How do you avoid undesirable behaviour? What can you expect from a puppy, from what age can you start walking, training... in short, everything will be discussed!

In this way, a great start is guaranteed!

Potty training is a big part of raising a puppy and if you do not handle this properly, it can cause a lot of frustration for the owner and the puppy. By learning to understand how a puppy grows, physically and mentally, we will help you to start the most efficient potty training with your puppy. Ah, dear. 

That shoe wasn't meant to be gnawed on! Good communication and prevention are worth their weight in gold. Learn to understand a dog's needs and keep your belongings safe from puppy teeth.

How Does a puppy advice Work?

To help people in this quest, we offer some great programs tailored to your needs to achieve the best success in raising your puppy. After a first acquaintance, we get a clear picture of which program suits you best.

During the program you will learn everything you need to know about raising and training your puppy such as potty training, socialization, walking on a leash, caring actions but also what is important such as sufficient sleep, sufficient mental and physical challenges and how a dog's body works. and how to create good health for your puppy. And of course the most important thing when raising your puppy, learning to communicate. Learning how to make yourself clear to your puppy what you expect from him and to understand the puppy's body language so that you can understand him better and build a strong relationship with him.

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